The Barefoot Bandit Hits Miami

The infamous and wildly popular “Robin Hood” like media child, Colton Harris-Moore (dubbed the Barefoot Bandit), seems to have developed expensive tastes!  The clever kid has fled to Miami, where he has continued to evade officers in some jaw-dropping luxury cars!

Yes, just when the world thought the sinewy saga of the Barefoot Bandit had come to an end when the youngster was snagged in the Bahamas, he seems to have made a slippery escape to Miami.  Upon reaching Miami, the Bandit swiped a bright red Ferrari F430 rental from a valet; it is unclear how he accomplished this feat. 

Once behind the wheel of the flashy luxury sports car, the bandit decided to take it for a spin up and down Ocean Avenue, hitting up a McDonald’s drive-thru before local law enforcement gave chase.  Hey, it is not everyday you see a Ferrari at a fast food joint, although I have seen some Lamborghini’s in some fairly funny spots!

Known for his elusive maneuvers, the bandit successfully escaped, leaving behind the precious FerraBarefoot Bandit Colton Harris-Mooreri F430 spider, top down and smoking off of I-95 and some fast food wrappers in the passenger seat.  I assume he took his beverage, as there are no cup holders in the F430.

Frustrated, officers were left with no options, but they did not have to wait for long!  Within days, a luxury yacht was reported stolen from the dock, and it seemed obvious who the culprit was.  The Barefoot Bandit had jumped onboard a snazzy 54’ Sea Ray Sundancer, and was enjoying a sunset cocktail in style.

Apparently the luxury yacht charter had not been noticed missing or reported immediately, as when officers arrived on the yacht, there was no trace of the Barefoot Bandit, only the remnants of his meal onboard. 

The experience of driving a luxury car had certainly led to an acquired taste for the exotic, and I am sure the yacht excursion accomplished much the same!  What will he do next?  Will he become more flamboyant?

Now the city of Miami and South Beach is on fire with rumors of the Barefoot Bandit’s latest string of luxury thefts.  Officers are nowhere near closing in, and I heard the other day that he was spotted behind the wheel of an Aston Martin DB9 in Coral Gables.  How long will these tales continue?  I suppose that depends how long Colton plans to call Miami home!


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*This is a fictional post about the Barefoot Bandit, who remains detained in the United States





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