Barrett-Jackson Offering Auto Care Products to Maintain that New Car Shine

Leading auction house Barrett-Jackson is now touting a line of signature auto care products. The products include interior and exterior care, wheel and tire care, and restoration items. The Barrett-Jackson auto products seem to make perfect sense for a company synonymous with automobiles, so what took them so long to develop this brainchild?

New line of Barrett-Jackson premium auto care products emerge

Now customers buying auction items at Barrett-Jackson will have little trouble maintaining that new car scent and appearance. The products will be available in retail stores spanning across North America, including giants like Wal-Mart, Menards, Pep Boys and Home Depot. For those who prefer to do their shopping online, the products will also be sold on Amazon. Hey, at least there will not be a bidding war for them. Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson spoke of the products as follows: “We understand the importance of restoring and preserving the value of your vehicle. Whether you’re giving your car a full detail or a quick touch-up, our new line of premium auto care products is car care you can trust.”

Barrett-Jackson auto products

Will the auction house’s auto care products measure up? There will likely be ample reviews on the car wash formulas, waxes and detailing items in the very near future available online. The products are being marketed as safe for all finishes and come in a surprisingly wide variety of offerings. The Barrett-Jackson Chrome and Metal Polish is for chrome, aluminum, billet, brass, copper, stainless steel and steel. Once the outside is gleaming, there are also leather protectors and moisturizers available for the interior of a vehicle designed to help prevent fading and damage.

car care productsBarrett-Jackson adds their signature to a line of auto care products. The detailing process is important to all gearheads, and product options are always welcomed–no ladies included.

The company seems to have prepared the entire line to cover all bases, right down to keeping the wheels and tires looking new. Will the new products be used heavily prior to each Barrett-Jackson auction? It is possible!

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