The Batmobile Lost Its Wheel…in D.C. Area!

Luxury cars like the Lamborghini can be used for any purpose on earth, even charity! This was displayed on Halloween at around 11 a.m. when a man dressed as Batman created quite the scene when his Batmobile (A Lamborghini) became disabled! It is unclear which prompted more attention, the getup or the sports car.

Hey, it beat Justin Bieber’s Batmobile attempt…which was interesting (and I mean interesting in the insulting British way).

Batmobile breaks down

Actual pic of the broken-down Batmobile ensemble

Because his Batmobile was out of order, local authorities assisted Batman with a ride to his charity event, where he was to delight children at a D.C. hospital in costume. The local police are certainly Gotham’s finest for the good deed!

Justin Bieber Batmobile

The Bieb looks about 12 here…

The quote on Howard County’s Facebook page reads:
“PFC Brandon Stickles (pictured) and PFC Chris Calcaterra responded to assist a disabled motorist in the fast lane on U.S. 29 southbound on Halloween around 11 a.m. The driver, donning a Batman costume, was on his way to a hospital in Washington, D.C., to visit sick children when his Batmobile got a flat tire in the area of Johns Hopkins Road. After clearing the vehicle to the highway shoulder to be towed, the two crime fighters posed for a snapshot. The masked man got a ride from a friend to the hospital appearance. Listen to the 911 call from a surprised passing motorist.”

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