Behind the Scenes at Fat Joe’s South Beach Video Shoot

Fat Joe Films Aloha in South BeachRecently a member of Imagine Lifestyles obtained an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes during the filming of Fat Joe’s latest video, “Aloha” during its filming in Key Biscayne.  See our clip on YouTube. 

 The backdrop of the video is the striking Atlantic coastline, notably South Beach with its vibrant hues of turquoise and emerald green.  Adorned with vivacious and sexy women, Fat Joe proceeds to lay out his latest track in South Beach sophistication, and we feel the vibes. 

South Beach is, after all, a hotspot for excess-from luxury rental cars, to upscale shopping and extravagant entertainment there are many reasons why this is famous beachside city sizzles.  Joe mentions liquor brand Nuvo in the Aloha track, and reps from the company were on set. 

Fat Joe, Born Joseph Cartagena, is a Miami resident and is signed to Imperial Records, also serving as CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment.  His first album, “Represent”, was released in 1993 and followed by “One’s Envy” in 1995.  From 1998-2006 Fat Joe was singed to Atlantic Records where he released four albums under the label “Don Caragena”.  In the medley of his career, Fat Joe and Famed rapper 50 Cent gained media attention with a highly publicized feud, during which Fifty attacked Fat Joe with his track “Piggy Bank”.

 Beef with 50 Cent or not, Fat Joe has remained a respected figure in the world of high-profile hip-hop and R&B for many years.  Perhaps most memorable was his duet with Remy Ma titled “Lean Back” with Terror Squad-a number one hit during the summer of 2004 that echoed throughout the dance floors of nightclubs around the world.  It was cool to get up close to such a talented performer in our own backyard. 


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