Benetti Launches Superyacht “Inspiration” at 154 Feet

Benetti 154' Superyacht ImaginationIn the exclusively diminutive world of luxury yachts, superyachts always make the front page.  In recent news, the 2010 superyacht ‘Imagination’ has been launched by the Italian company Benetti Yachts.

Measuring 154’20”, this superyacht makes waves, and generates inspiration.  Designed by Stefano Natucci, with interior design by Francois Zuretti, superyacht Inspiration dazzles on a grand scale.

Inspiration is the newest of the Benetti yachts, boasting a full aluminum semi-displacement frame constructed in Benetti’s Pisa Superyachts Shipyard.  Imagination still has a few finishing touches to her voluptuous body, to be carried out at the Benetti facility in Livorno, Italy.  Upon final touches, this superyacht will be delivered to her anonymous owner in July of 2010.  I am considering identity theft on this one. Just kidding.

The fact that Benetti’s Imagination yacht is a semi-displacement motor yacht will allow for an impressive max speed at a faster pace, at around 20 knots.  Rest assured it will offer a smooth ride, in normal conditions.

The body of the 154’ superyacht protrudes forward like a luxurious knife across the sea.  It boasts a modern and sleek body, with most of the bulk resting toward the rear of the vessel and a pointed nose.  While it lacks a helicopter pad, it makes up for it in other areas.  Like the fact that I am certain you could fit your Ferrari F430 Spider or Lamborghini rental onboard during charter trips.

The interior is lavish and upscale, with every modern amenity a yachtsman would expect aboard a superyacht.  After all, it is the details and size that distinguish a superyacht from merely a yacht, is it not?  As for the price, it seems lips are sealed.  I feel inspired.

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