Bentley Does Biofuel As Exotic Luxury Cars Go Green.

Bentley is trying to go fully green, promising that all of its luxury cars will be flex-fuel capable by 2012.  To that end, Bentley is launching its first flex-fuel or biofuel vehicle at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. Biofuel is a loose term but Bentley is talking about ethanol fuel running through its engines from now on.   

Although we don’t know the name yet, Bentley promises the new biofuel vehicle will be the marque’s fastest, most powerful production car yet. Probable to look close to the 12-cylinder Continental Range we adore. The biofuel Bentley concept is slated to feature blackout treated grilles, sizable vertical intakes, and a pair of vents on the hood to help reduce engine heat. After Geneva, the greener Bentley will make its debut in New York. Bentley still bringing luxury, just not at the expense of our planet.