Bentley Goes Above and Beyond Florida’s Lemon Laws to Correct Problems

Florida Lemon LawWhen it comes to maintaining superior standards of customer service, the people at Bentley truly surprised us with their level of luxury dedication. 

We were having issues with an airbag light sensor in one of our Bentleys.  The friendly and outstanding representative at Bentley was feverishly trying to correct the problems, and after the third attempt flew in personally to meet with us. 

The representative from Bentley was able to correct the issue, tacked on an extra year to our warranty (a value of $5,000), and shelled out generous amounts of money for our troubles-without even being asked!  We really felt we were treated like royalty, and like people as opposed to dollars. 

The rules for Florida’s automobile “Lemon Law” are substantially less generous, though remain an effective means of recourse for Florida residents.  Since the inception of the program in 1988, Florida residents have received hundreds of millions of dollars in replacement vehicles and refunds through the State Lemon Law Arbitration Program.  By signing away our rights under Florida’s Lemon Law program, Bentley provided a premium protection package that exceeded expectations. 

This company is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the satisfaction of Bentley owners, a smart way to maintain residual customers and generate an awesome word-of-mouth reputation for being the best.  You can enjoy our Bentley rentals in South Beach during your next visit, we assure you they are in top condition thanks to an upscale company committed to excellence.

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals