A Ponti-Scheme: Man Steals Same Bentley Twice Within 4 Days!

A Jurupa Valley, California man really wanted a 2005 Bentley coupe. He wanted the car badly enough to steal it twice within the same four day period! Following both thefts, Robert Ponti parked the luxury ride right outside of his home on the street, where authorities were almost effortlessly able to return it to its rightful owner. This shall go down in history as perhaps the most WTH Bentley theft story.

Bentley theft

46-year-old Robert Ponti really wanted a 2005 Bentley Coupe – he was arrested twice in four days with the same stolen car. 

The Bentley coupe stuck out like a sore thumb on the curb in a modest Jurupa Valley neighborhood, where Ponti resides. Authorities noticed the coupe right away, and checked the registration. The car came back as stolen from a Brea home while the owners were out of town. The Bentley was towed to a lot to be kept until the owners returned. This is where the story gets unbelievable!

Bentley theft

This guy. Robert Ponti’s proud mug shot.

Ponti must have missed his luxury wheels, because as soon as he was released on bail, he duped the crew at the tow yard into releasing the Bentley to him! After getting the beloved Bentley back, Ponti simply parked it on the street, in the same place, where deputies again spotted the car. It is very curious how Ponti knew where the Bentley had been taken? There was another man involved in this Ponti-scheme, though details are sparse.

Stolen bentley

Cars like this do not fit in with every neighborhood

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