Bespoke Rolls-Royce Ghost Blossoms Quick Sale

A special custom Rolls Royce Ghost has vanished—sold in just one day. While it is sometimes a challenge for a custom car to change hands because tastes vary dramatically, the new owner apparently did not mind the poppy flowers emblazoned on the fine leather seating or the extra $200,000 on the price tag!

While he rest of the car is quite normal and attractive, those ghastly poppies give no room for the love to grow…without a reupholstery expert?

Rolls Royce took advantage of the “Quail” vintage motorsport competition to show off the Phantom Coupe Aviator. Parked next to the Aviator was the custom blue and white Ghost, fondly labeled “Poppy”, which scared up its own share of attention.

The Orange Poppy is the official flower of California, native to the Monterey Peninsula, which appears in the headrests, veneered sash inlay and tread plates.

The iconic “Spirit of Ecstasy” is prominent on the hood, crafted from crystal that illuminates and retracts into the front hood to prevent the old 5-finger discount.

The colors of the coat are Carrara White over Mazarine Blue, offset by a Mandarin Orange twin line. The white natural grain leather inside brightens up the darker walnut burr, yet showcases the horrid blooms. A dealer from South Florida intended to buy the car, but as he wiggled into the back seat, a California couple announced they would purchase the rare ride. Apparently the custom California Ghost will remain in its home state!

The cost: The Poppy went for around $430,000 USD, that is about $200,000 more than the standard sibling. Note: the extended wheelbase alone accounted for $50,000 of that cost.

I suppose Poppy is better than Pansy…



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