Better than Christmas, The Annual Ferrari Challenge Is Around the Corner!

Ferrari 458 Challenge

Recently in Maranello, Ferrari has unwrapped the details for its latest Ferrari Challenge, the 458 Challenge.  While solid dates are unavailable, details for the svelte new prancing horse are abundant, let’s see how it measures up!

2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge

Like the Ferrari F430 Challenge before, and the others before it, the Ferrari 458 Challenge is a luxury event that fans and owners count down the days for annually, much like kiddies do for Christmas Day!  It is the time of year when Ferrari owners and fans congregate to race their exotic and luxury car rentals and feel like Steve McQueen!  Don’t exactly own a Ferrari 458?  No worries, you can enter the Ferrari Challenge in a Ferrari rental, so long as it is the right model for the year, and your ass is adequately insured!


Ferrari 458 Steering Wheel
The 458 Challenge Ferrari is the track version of the 458 Italia, the latest model released by Ferrari.  Both Ferrari’s pack a 4.5-liter V8 engine, kicking forth 562 horsepower when wound to a screaming 9000 rpms.  For the track version, the gear ratios have been tweaked and the seven-speed dual clutch transmission re-calibrated.

2010 Ferrari F430 Challenge

Yes, the annual Ferrari Challenge is the time for owners and Ferrari renters to really get a feel for what their supercars are capable of, and intended for!  Because you just can’t hit top speeds on your commute to work, and it is likely a bad idea to attempt to race from stoplight to stoplight, tempting as it may be!  This is an opportunity to open up the full potential of your Ferrari 458 in the spirit of competition, and it will certainly feel like an adult Christmas!


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