Beyoncé Unloads Miami Condo for 75 Percent Loss!

Moneybags Beyoncé Knowles recently took a hit in the luxury real estate realm, unloading her beachside pied-à-terre for about 75% less than she paid for it! Yes, even celebrities fall victim to a challenging market, like Chris Tucker’s Florida mansion losses recently! That is right, Tucker lost out on two upscale properties, follow above link for full story.


While I do not think Beyoncé will be bawling herself to sleep at night over the finances, she did drop $465,000 on the 190-square-foot pad back in 2002, and sold it for $110,000.  I can’t imagine how a superstar like Bey could fall Crazy in Love over such a tiny space, or what the rush was to sell it during such unsavory market conditions. I can only assume the diva in search of larger digs to accommodate her expanding family.

Jay Z & Beyonce

Jay Z & Beyonce look great in beach gear or red carpet attire!

Sources say that the star used the diminutive South Beach digs as a glorified dressing room, so I doubt she will miss it once she dazzles us with an upcoming real estate purchase!

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Beyonce on South Beach

Beyonce on South Beach

Beyonce pregnant

Showing off the baby bump?




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