Big (Bad) Ben

He needed a slap upside the head.  And he got one from the head honcho of the NFL.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and two–time Super Bowl winner, Ben Roethilsberger, was slapped with a six–game suspension by the NFL on Wednesday for not complying with the league’s personal conduct policy.  It stems from a second incident in two years involving allegations of sexual misconduct.

Everyone knew this suspension was coming, but nobody knew how many games he’d be hit with. Six is a lot. It’s one-third of the NFL season, and the Steelers, who won the Super Bowl in 2009, are pretty much lost without “Big Ben” as was shown last season, when he was injured and they missed the playoff equivalent offs entirely.
Ben Roethilsberger Suspended 6 Games
But, this move was necessary.  He’s a great player, and a great leader in the huddle, but the guy is a mess off the field. He repeatedly shows bad judgment, puts himself in places and predicaments he shouldn’t ….and frankly, needs to stop being a “frat boy” and grow up.
 Accordingly, the NFL’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, handed down the six-game punishment even though Georgia prosecutors last week decided NOT to charge Roethilsberger (or Brothels-berger) in a case involving a 20-year-old college student who accused him of sexually assaulting her in the bathroom of a local bar. 

Roethlisberger also must undergo a comprehensive behavioral evaluation, and there’s a chance he could have his ban reduced to four games if he shows proper contrition and behaves well in the view of evaluators and Goodell. This is a bit of an odd case because Roethilsberger is the first player ever to be suspended under the NFL’s “conduct policy” who was not arrested and charged with a crime.

He was also accused of sexual impropriety by a woman in Lake Tahoe, Nevada two years ago, but she later dropped her complaint.

His actions have angered the team ownership and the fans in Pittsburgh, and he has lost sponsors. There is also now some suggestion that the Steelers are willing to listen to offers for Roethilsberger if another team is interested and if the offer is right.

He will also lose money.  His salary pays him 471 thousand dollars per game, so if he does have to miss six games, Big Ben will be out some 2.8 million dollars!

Just throw touchdowns Ben, stop trying to throw away your career. If we want trashy stories, we’ll watch The Jerry Springer Show!

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