Billionaire Buys Rights to Dock Yacht in London’s Heart

British billionaire and mogul Joe Lewis is often viewed as unassuming, underplaying his wads of cash and luxury lifestyle. Recently, however, Lewis opted to purchase the right to pierce his 223-foot superyacht, Aviva, directly through the heart of London. Ahoy, Sir Lewis, way to anchor those headlines! This is a man who can easily afford the rare Bugatti L’or Blanc, or any other luxury item on earth…so I am naturally jealous.

Yacht Aviva

Yacht Aviva takes London

Lewis has obtained special permission, at a cost that may well mirror an additional yacht or night out with Charlie Sheen, to dock his pride & joy boy toy right in the heart of London, having his own mooring erected to adequately accommodate the vast vessel. Yacht Aviva was built by Abeking & Rasmussen Yachts in 2007 and boasts a $100 million refit.

Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis, money-making extraordinaire

Yacht Aviva

Aviva at sea

Now lucky Londoners can soak in views of this beautiful motor yacht in the bustling center of the city. Aviva is a stunning craft, with space for 12 guests and a crew of 20, and is typically found roaming the marbled waters of the Bahamas. I am curious what Londoners think of this extravagance from a typically modest billionaire, and equally curious if they are enjoying the sight or shaking their heads!

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Bugatti L'Or Blanc

Bugatti L’Or Blanc, the porcelain Bugatti



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