Billionaire Gifts Luxury Cars to Staff at Christmas Bonanza

Forget lofty and extravagant Christmas bonuses intended to bolster employee retention-Billionaire Clive Palmer has outdone them all by gifting luxury cars to his staff!  I think an exotic rental car like an Aston Martin rental Miami may have sufficed, yet why bother with the pain of returning it?

Billionaire Clive Palmer

So how big is this gift? The bar for bonuses has now been set impossibly high, as he has given all 750 of his long-term employees at his Yabulu nickel refinery in north Queensland a stay at a luxury resort in Fiji, and showed his appreciation to his 50 most valued employees with a brand-spanking-new Mercedes-Benz B-Class Hatch luxury car, mostly production workers.  For the record, I would have been impressed by a Mercedes-Benz rental Miami style!

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Hatch

The final bill for his generosity was an extravagant Christmas party that cost an estimated $2 million, including more than 20 performing artists, the 50 Mercedes Benz cars, the 750 luxury resort vacation packages and trips for 50 new hires to a Queensland resort, for an estimated $10 million.

According to Palmer, “I can afford it.  These people have made a lot of money for me this year, and I thought I’d give some of it back.”  He continued, "You can only sleep in one bed, have one meal at a time, drive the one car, and go out with the one woman – that is, if you’re sensible. I’ve got enough money to do all that, so I thought I’d give some away."

Billionaire Clive Palmer Helicopter Charter

Clive Palmer purchased Yabulu from BHP Billiton in July of 2009, around the same time that BHP was contemplating closing the plant.  I have a feeling he is regretting his decision!  I want to work for Clive!

Mercedes B-Class Hatch

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