Blasts from Lamborghini’s Past: The SV, Jota Legacy and the SV/J

While The Lamborghini SV helped to sensationalize the brand, with 150 produced from 1971-1972, the Jota Legacy sparked interest from the company’s wealthiest clients. 

Inevitably, there were a handful of clients who requested that Lamborghini build them a Jota, but the company could not justify the investment in manpower for such an amount. 

Hurt feelings were slightly quelled and broken hearts set racing when Lamborghini began producing a very special Jota-inspired SV/J, of which three types were constructed. 

The most significant of the SV/J models were either built from scratch or rebuilt at the factory to SV/J specification between December 1971 and April 1973. Only two genuine SV/J models were built from scratch, with the remaining three converted from stock SV’s.

The comprehensive SV/J specification was about 60% more than a stock Miura SV.  Specs included engLamborghini Jotaines capable of producing 405-415 horsepower with considerable inlet ports, a balanced crankshaft. 

The SV/J was aesthetically pleasing with its close attention to Jota-esque attributes. The interiors of both models were strikingly similar, with racing harnesses and fire extinguishers almost always fitted. 

Any fans out there one of the 5 proud owners of a Lamborghini SV/J? Equal bragging rights go out to the Jota Legacy and original SV owners.  Owning your own, or indulging in the occasional Lamborghini rental, it is a brand that has been fueling exotic car passion for decades. 

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