Bling Bling Bang Bang McQueen: Alexander McQueen for Samsonite Luggage

Samsonite the 97-year-old luggage firm has a history of partnering with high-end fashion designers. Samsonite’s newest collaboration is with the man who is probably one of the most influential fashion designers ever, Mr. Alexander McQueen. Samsonite Black Label by Alexander McQueen is a useable and revolutionary-looking collection. This season the Black Label collection received two updates by McQueen, the limited edition Hero piece and the Crocodile Skin Travel piece.

The McQueen Hero piece usurps design inspiration from the human rib cage, whatever he’s genius. McQueen used a real male torso mold and worked from there. “The human ribcage protects our vital organs as we move about in the world. Luggage takes on the same role as we travel and pack our worldly possessions inside for safe transport, ” said McQueen at the Samsonite new collection launch.  The Hero piece has a ribcage and sternum outline in front, and a backbone in back. Sort of sickening and semi-melodramatic for a carry on but  that’s what we love about Alexander Mcqueen. The Hero piece comes in bone, black, chocolate brown, and blingtastic silver with a pricetag of $775.

Samsonite Black Label thanks to McQueen’s design flair gives the historic luggage a revamped appeal. The collection is for the sophisticated traveler who has finally decided to give their old Louis Vuitton luggage a rest or a recycle.