Bloodhound Rocket Car to Destroy the 1,050-Mile Per Hour Mark…and the Sound Barrier

bloodhound Rocket Car

British engineers have been working hard toward developing the first car to break the 1,000-mile per hour marker.  The project car is called the Bloodhound SSC, and is set to overtake the current land speed record-holder, the Thrust SSC, who holds the record for traveling at 766 miles per hour.  Sounds crazy dangerous, I will stick to my slower, safer and sexier exotic rental cars Miami!


bloodhound Rocket Car Sound Barrier

The pencil-shaped Bloodhound SSC is 42 feet long, 9 feet high and weighs 6400 kilograms.  You will not find any luxury lining the interior of this supercar, it is designed purely for speed.

The hypercar is comprised of forged aerospace-grade aluminum, encasing three engines:  a 900-pound Eurofighter Typhoon jet engine, a rocket and a third engine to pump fuel through the rocket car.  This crazy combination is supposed to produce an unbelievable 135,000 horsepower…to put that into perspective, that is roughly the power of 180 Formula One racecars combined.  A time trial is scheduled for 2011 in the desert of the northern cape of South Africa.

Rocket Car Bloodhound 1,050 MPH

RAF pilot Andy Green, who also drove the Thrust SSC, will be behind the wheel of the Bloodhound SSC.  The 46-year-old will lie feet-first in the Bloodhound supercar as it accelerates to 1,050 miles per hour in just 40 seconds.  I wonder if we will see this vehicle in a fleet of Los Angeles luxury rental cars

Green will experience a force of 2.5G, or roughly two times his own body weight, and as the vehicle decelerates, he may experience 3G forces and the blood could drain from his head to his feet, with the possibility of him blacking out.  So how is Green preparing for the test?  He is flying upside down in a stunt plane…I feel that is somehow vastly different, but it isn’t like there are any forms of transportation that are even close to a 3G force…only 3G smartphones.

Bloodhound SSC Supercar

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