Blushing Bride Builds Porsche from Volkswagen for Dream Wedding

26-year-old Megan Ashton is not your average blushing bride! This hot mama has a soft spot for luxury cars, yet lacked the budget for the Porsche she always visualized whisking her away to her wedding. Not one to simply fold, Ashton spent 6 years transforming a 40-year-old VW into a copy of the Porsche 356, which was the first-ever production model from the brand!

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Porsche VW kit

Ashton on her big day in the former VW turned Porsche wedding mobile!

 Porsche wedding car rental

Perhaps the vision that drove the young bride through her project

Ashton purchased the wrecked VW years ago as a student and stripped it down to the bare-naked chassis before painstakingly creating the Porsche 356 replica essentially from scratch. The body is a 356 shell with an authentic steering wheel and speedometer, and it can reach over 100 miles per hour! Inside, the Porschewagen (this is my name for it) cabin is drenched in luxurious white leather, a nod to Ashton’s feminine side.

VW wedding car

Hey, it could have gone in a different, less classy direction…

The unusual Ashton is an Air Engineering Officer in the Royal Navy, and her father runs a garage, so she grew up surrounded by all that is auto and it has definitely had an impact on her tastes and preferences! Her family’s appreciation for classic cars is as healthy as that of Jay Leno, and we need more people like that in the world! Very cool story, very interesting girl!

VW Porsche wedding car

VW Porsche wedding car

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