2 Millionth BMW 1 Series Produced—Popularity is Good

A decade ago, the BMW 1 Series rolled onto the scene. Since that time the mega-brand has produced two million units of the 1 Series, a true testament to the popularity of the more affordable option. It would certainly seem that everyone wants to drive a BMW.

BMW 1 Series(Photo from BMW official blog)

BMW will be touting the next version of the 1 Series at dealerships all over, and has much to celebrate in terms of success. To commemorate the long-term love of the model, car number two million is a BMW 120i M Sport Package. It was created for a client in Japan and boasts five doors and a special Estoril blue coat. The 1 Series has long served as the little sportster of the brand, providing an ideal balance of power and fuel efficiency while remaining a touch gentler on the bank account. Equipped with the brand’s EfficientDynamics technology, new versions will be available in both three and five door formats with diesel and standard fuel options. Buyers can also choose from three or four cylinder TwinPower engines or a robust in-line six TwinPower Turbo with M Performance feature.The BMW 1 Series began its journey as but a small offering and has since split into two distinct lines. The much-loved three and five door hatch cars will remain a part of the 1 Series family, while coupe and convertible options have become members of the 2 Series pack. The updates over the years have kept the design and powertrains current and continued to provide more striking cabin features and technology. Aside from attractive full LED lighting, the new generation will offer some pretty enticing perks in the way of technology, including the following options: BMW ConnectedDrive, radar-based Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Parking Assistant with camera and also Driving Assistant.

Overall, it seems that rather than merely keeping up with the Jones, BMW intends to blow them away by giving the 1 Series everything it needs to lure in buyers.

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