BMW Bets on Lasers, How Austin Powers!

Dr. Evil demanded “sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads” in the hit flick ‘Austin Powers’, and BMW apparently shares the sentiment, sans sharks! BMW is betting on laser technology, foreseeing that it will replace current LED headlamps. What a bright idea!

BMW Laser Technology

The next generation of our BMW rentals may have a very futuristic appearance! That is because a key advantage to lasers, aside from efficiency, are the unique design possibilities they allow. The small size of a laser eliminates the need for bulky head and rear lamps, because a laser headlight can shine through the cross sections of a grille, effectively hidden when not in use.


BMW Laser Headlights

BMW is lighting the path for an inventive future of design

The need for dual headlights would be eliminated also, as a row of laser diodes can shine from the front edge of a hood. Lasers are coherent beams which can be controlled precisely and changed at will, so no more separated high and low beam settings!

BMW makes lasers safe for use in its luxury car headlamps by filtering them through a fluorescent phosphor material, this changes the color from blue to white and makes it as safe as a standard LED light.

BMW Laser Headlights

Enough of the technical boring stuff, the exciting part about all of this laser tag is that the door is now open for entirely new designs that were not previously possible, and I for one am amped-up to see what BMW has in store! The laser lights are just a few years out, and word is that they are being developed for the BMW i8 hybrid.

BMW i8

BMW i8

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