Rivalry: BMW Charging Stations With Shocking Twist

It seems that relations have become electric between BMW and rivals like Tesla in the electric vehicle charging station arena. Word is circulating that BMW is developing EV charging stations that it intends to circulate throughout the United States. The BMW charging stations will provide a charge for all electric vehicles except those made by Tesla and Nissan—now that is a below the belt jolt!

BMW Charging StationsThis chatter creates many questions in the way of what the future will hold with electric vehicles and hybrids. Should the decisions be made by the carmakers themselves? This strategy certainly lends much competitive drive into the equation, which ultimately makes things more challenging for the consumer. Unlike standard fueling stations that are open to all vehicles, will people be willing to even purchase a hybrid or electric car if they have to worry about which stations they can stop in to recharge? It seems that would create quite a bit of buyer anxiety and potentially deflect from sales. Like with all things new, someone will have to step in and make a stand on legalities and operations for EV charging stations.

BMW Charging StationsThis topic leads to yet another issue: the plugs used for the electric vehicles themselves. Right now each company has the freedom to create their own plug-in design, with BMW using the SAE standard plug. Compare the problem to cell phones and smart phones and other devices, which all have different charging components. For example: if you have an iPhone 6, you cannot use your old 4S charger–you must purchase all new ones for your home and vehicle. It could also evolve into the likes of the epic mobile coverage competition between leading carriers. Will it be possible to create electricity for the EV market, or will the problems outweigh the benefits and end up static?

charging electric cars

Can we look forward to highways littered with random car company logos indicating where it is ok to charge up? There are simply more questions than answers at this stage in the alternative powertrain game. Overall, it seems that some companies are focused on the small picture rather than the larger one. While it may provide a deep sense of satisfaction to black your competition off of the grid, the consumers could be the ones being left burned out in the long run.

BMW i8This number could make it all worthwhile..

solar car charging In the end, imagine free charging stations that you simply park over…that is the world I want to live in someday! Every parking spot on the planet should perhaps be a solar panel that charges vehicles, with someone figuring out how to prevent overcharging.

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