BMW Combustion Engines Scheduled for Electric Chair?

In shocking automotive news, some analysts are saying that the end is near for BMW combustion engines. Will the combustion engine be scheduled for the electric chair as hybrids and electric powertrains begin to take a stronger hold on the future markets?

BMW combustion enginesReports are guessing that BMW could start phasing out its combustion engines within the decade, which seems insanely soon to say goodbye to such a standard piece of equipment. What exactly ignited this rather intriguing chatter? It seems that a mutual fund manager, Ron Baron, who has approximately $250 million invested in Tesla Motors, made the following statement in a newsletter to shareholders: “While many car companies doubt electric cars will ultimately represent a large portion of new car sales, BMW is not one of those companies. Two of our research analysts recently visited BMW’s headquarters in Munich, as well as its electric vehicle and carbon fiber assembly plants in Leipzig, Germany, and its battery pack assembly plant and research facility in Dingolfing, Germany.”

BMW combustion engines

The fired-off list of BMW plants, with the likes of an electric vehicle and battery pack assembly plant, make for an exciting mental image. If ever there was an automaker prepared for whatever future is to come, it certainly seems to be BMW. Will BMW begin the electric revolution, or will they simply standby prepared to join the ranks?

Possible setbacks to the electric car revolution:

  • Countries need to overcome challenges like incorporating charging stations for the vehicles.
  • Offering hydrogen as an option also presents a challenge, as higher compression is required to provide the substance.
  • Stricter emissions guidelines are quickly becoming more prevalent– while technology to meet them is embraced at a slower pace. You can sense how that must frustrate all involved. 

BMW combustion enginesOverall, scientists have predicted that a majority of automobiles will have to be electric by 2050 to meet with global guidelines. While change might not be embraced instantly, when the choice factor is eliminated, it tends to occur quite rapidly! 

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