BMW i3 – The MegaCity Luxury Hybrid Evolves

BMW i3 Concept Luxury Hybrid

Previously I shared new information about the all-new BMWi series, and as promised here is further information about the BMW i3 (next will be the BMW i8).  The BMW i3 is a luxury hybrid, previously known as the MegaCity electric BMW (follow link for more info on MegaCity concept).

BMW Efficient Dynamics Vision

*BMW Efficient Dynamics vision

The BMW i3 is a shiny example of what is called ‘purpose design’, meaning it is not an adaption of something already in existence, but an entirely new luxury car concept.  BMW has remained relatively mum on exact engine specs thus far, focusing instead on the collective “i” brand, but a few need-to-know details have been leaked. I am sure this will make an incredible addition to a fleet of BMW rental cars.

Designed and engineered to offer sustainable mobility for the metropolis, the BMW i3 delivers the following:

•    Minimal environmental impact leaving competitors in the luxury hybrid arena green with envy
•    Intelligently integrates personal mobility with the wider public transport systems
•    All-out driver comfort
•    Lightweight construction featuring Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)
•    A high-performance electric motor
•    Emission-free driving pleasure

BMW i8 Concept Hybrid

*There are barely any shots of the elusive i3 BMW, but several of the BMW i8 (above)

BMW joins Audi in endeavors to create an entirely separate brand for luxury hybrid cars with alternate powertrains.  Audi’s sub-brand is called ‘E-tron’ and BMW’s is of course ‘BMWi’.  These innovative luxury hybrids come at a time when automakers, even luxury automakers, are under tremendous pressure to reduce CO2 emissions and adhere to new rules taking effect in 2012.  On top of scrambling to meet the new emissions guidelines, competition is fierce between luxury brands to stay on top or ahead of emerging technology…I suppose 2nd place is first loser. 

BMW i8 Concept

*BMW i8

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