BMW Mini’s Rocketman Production Postponed


Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) has announced a stall in the production of its latest mini, the Rocketman.  The BMW Rocketman mini luxury car made its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, but production costs are too high to rocket this concept to reality this year.

BMW Mini has created the most diminutive cars the brand has produced since 1959.  The Rocketman Mini Cooper looks just like all the other Coopers, but smaller.  Extending just under 11 feet in length, this 3-door Mini boasts 3 seats with an optional 4th seat in the rear.  BMW’s 3 cylinder engines will power this luxury concept car.

BMW Rocketman concept

BMW Rocketman concept

BMW Rocketman concept carbon fiber

The interior of the Rocketman Mini concept is quite futuristic, with fine leather and a wrap-around light strip!  The center console and dashboard are operated via steering wheel buttons or a trackball with 3D graphics and data.

BMW Rocketman concept

On the outside, the Rocketman maintains the shape of predecessors, with large headlamps, chrome grille trim and trapezoidal tail lamps.  It is not only tiny, but has a carbon fiber frame, making it super-light.  The wraparound windows are capped with a transparent glass roof, so this is not a vehicle you want to roll over!

BMW Rocketman concept interior

BMW Rocketman concept

It is too bad the brakes have been put on this BMW concept car.  Don’t miss our fleet of exotic rental cars, including BMW rentals on your way out!

BMW Rocketman concept




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