BMW Takes Direct Approach Online

In an unusual move, BMW is offering online discounts for those wishing to purchase the new ‘i’ sub-brand vehicles. This is a unique and bold move in the luxury auto industry, which typically leaves these endeavors to the dealerships.


A direct online sales platform for BMW’s new I sub-brand

Hybrid versions of high-end vehicles have been trickling into dealerships slowly and cautiously, with mixed reviews. BMW has utilized a variety of marketing strategies to draw attention to the i brand, including a motivated roaming sales force and a limited showroom network. All brands tackling the task of selling low-emission vehicles are facing the same dilemmas, and it is interesting to watch how they handle the obstacle of altering buyer’s perspective.

The idea of a hybrid powertrain is relatively new, leaving most consumers a bit nervous about investing. In the future, buyers may become more comfortable with the idea when more recharging stations begin to appear on the roadways and they realize that the word hybrid is not necessarily synonymous with slow.


Will buyers beware, or will they eventually embrace hybrid cars?

BMW is dropping a cool $3 billion into development of the i3 City Car, a 4-seater scheduled to roll out in late 2013 at around $48,500 USD. See our BMW rentals and more available brands on your way out!



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