BMW Zagato Roadster Showing Off at Pebble Beach

BMW joined the scores of show offs at Pebble Beach recently, touting the hot new Zagato roadster to eager onlookers! And am I ever so glad they showed up! Designed to be more aggressive and masculine than its predecessors, the show-stopping Zagato is a bold and fresh change of pace for the typically traditional automaker. When some think of the word, the Aston Martin V12 Zagato may come to mind. That is because the design geniuses at Zagato had a hot helping hand in that glorious project as well!

BMW Zagato at Pebble Beach

The BMW Zagato Roadster displayed on the ‘Concepts lawn’ at Pebble Beach.

The BMW Zagato roadster features a kidney grille and elaborate curves. Twin headlamps and a 3D style front apron tie the look together, leaving spectators eyeing the hood. What is lurking beneath the contours of the hood is anyone’s guess, though it will likely mirror the coupe and pose no threat to the Bugatti Veyron. Speculation points toward a twin-turbocharged 3.0. engine, and that is a guess at best.

Photo gallery from the Pebble Beach concepts lawn:

BMW Zagato at Pebble Beach

The cockpit is loaded with luxury

BMW Zagato at Pebble Beach

Sleek lines and a pronounced front give it an aggressive appearance

BMW Zagato at Pebble Beach

The roll bars of the BMW Zagato Roadster are quintessentially Zagato.

BMW Zagato

Zagato stitching details the seats

BMW Zagato

The tail lamp design connects the curves

As long as plenty of horses find a home there, this broad and and low-slung beauty will certainly be a hit. Want to feel the rush? Rent a BMW today, ask us how!


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