Boutique Hotel Hides Within Chicago

Chicago’s Hidden Gem:  The Hotel Burnham 

Located inside one of Chicago’s oldest skyscrapers that once housed office buildings now houses one of the United States best boutique hotels according to Conde Nast.  The hotel is named for David Burnham, a famous Chicago architect, and is located on State and Washington right across from Macy’s, formerly the also-famous Marshall Fields.  Much of the original architecture was preserved in the 1999 renovation and is very evident as you walk into the main lobby and see all of the marble wainscoting on the walls and ceilings.  The rooms offer guests a very European feel and are placed inside the former offices of Chicago businessmen and executives alike. One can feel the glamour of this boutique hotel inside and out.   On some occasions parked outside you spot a Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Bentley. 

Hotel Burnham Chicago Ill

Most often when visiting Chicago, people think of the Peninsula, Ritz, or Trump as the place to stay for top-notch luxury and style.  Boutique hotels might not carry the weight of the corporate global name but that does not mean they cannot compete with the heavyweights of the hotel industry anymore.  Chicago has recently seen an increase in the amount of boutique hotels opening in the city and will most likely continue to do so as their popularity and success increases.  Next time you visit Chicago give Hotel Burnham a chance and see what happens.  If it is anything like what all the travel magazines and industry publications have to say you will not be disappointed.  



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