Bring on the Pain! A More Powerful Ferrari California Coming?

The outstanding Ferrari California was solely responsible for a staggering 46% of the luxury brand’s sales last year (3,000 cars!), so it comes as little surprise that an even more powerful version is (likely) in the works! Shh…don’t tell our Ferrari California rental in Miami, she gets jealous.

Ferrari California
It is no wonder this car is a top-seller

The prancing horse has certainly made great strides with the entry-level California convertible, as it has been nothing but a thundering success. The California model is also likely to be the most popular car from Ferrari in 2011, which has led to the planning for upgrades and that can only translate to more power, please!

Ferrari California

It is obvious how 3,000 people could not resist this Ferrari’s charms last year!

The exotic car rumor-mill has been churning about the next California, here are some possible changes according the British magazine CAR (they cite dealer sources, so this is exciting!):

•    More power with a weight reduction
•    May enter production in January (so we may get a tease at the LA Motor Show?)
•    30 horsepower increase to the 4.3-liter V8 engine
•    New handling pack with faster adjusting shock absorbers for an even smoother ride
•    Larger hard drive for improved entertainment (always a plus)

Ferrari California

The best Ferrari ever? Thoughts?

I suppose we will all have to stay tuned to see exactly what Ferrari has in store for us…just don’t make us wait too long!

Ferrari California 

Just as at home on the track as it is on the streets, the California simply rocks it


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