Bugatti Boggles the Mind: Galibier Will See Production After All

Times are confusing for Bugatti, with the Veyron’s glory days drawing to a close due to an end in production, and the constant status change of the Galibier sedan luxury car concept. The Bugatti Galibier concept emerged as a first-ever sedan-style Bugatti supercar, followed by an announcement that it would likely not reach production, and now we hear that it will be produced, yet will be “significantly altered” from its original design.

Bugatti Galibier

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It is not unusual for the production model to end up drastically different from its concept version, but Bugatti has heads spinning with all of this indecisiveness! Just when we thought the sedan was doomed for failing to be outrageous enough, Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer throws a curve ball, confirming that the production Galibier is actually in its second half of the design phase, and will emerge altered. But it will emerge, so that is grounds for celebration!

Bugatti Galibier

Bugatti Galibier

According to Durheimer,
"I will suggest we continue development, but there will be some remarkable changes from the original concept. The design will be different, especially from the B-pillar back, the ingress and regress to the rear seats will be improved, as will the legroom and ergonomics, the car will be a little longer, and the power of the engine will be at least four figures."

Bugatti Galibier

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The company held a customer clinic to determine what changes should be adopted. Interestingly, half of current Veyron owners have been inside the Galibier already, and Durheimer insists that because of the customer clinic, the final draft will be a design he can stand behind 100%.

Bugatti sedan concept

The sleek style could rival the regal Rolls Royce

The name is not final as of yet, but the production Bugatti sedan will be unveiled by 2013 and priced at $2.3 million. For that price I would prefer a Veyron, and I won’t hold my breath for the release date. Don’t miss our fleet of exotic rental cars in Miami and a city near you on your way out!

Bugatti Sedan

Bugatti sedan




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