Bugatti Certified Pre-Owned Program Begins

It is important to know the condition and history before investing in a pre-loved vehicle. Now there is a Bugatti Certified Pre-Owned program starting up to ensure that the uber-expensive and elite hypercars will remain in impeccable condition once they end up changing hands. While a car like a Bugatti is certainly a collector’s item and rarely does change owners, this program will prove crucial for buyers shelling out a million plus for a used car.

Bugatti Certified Pre-Owned

Bugatti will offer its seal for pre-loved supercars in its new program. Will buyers go for some of the overly-personalized fare? 

Bugatti announced at the Techno Classica in Germany recently that it will start its own Certified Pre-Owned program for buyers. Bugatti is certainly not the first to certify its pre-owned family members, plenty of other high-end companies offer the same. It is just a new step for Bugatti, and perhaps one that should have happened even sooner.

Bugatti Certified Pre-OwnedNow luxury auto auctions won’t be the only method to obtaining the likes of Bugatti. 

The initial cost of acquiring a vehicle like a Bugatti is staggering, but the sums required to keep it in pristine condition are quite nauseating as well. This is one of the many reasons that some opt to simply rent the lifestyle and get a different exotic car rental for each occasion. The perks of ownership are also nice, such as inclusion into the exclusive club of Bugatti owners.

Bugatti Certified Pre-Owned

The Bugatti Certified Pre-Owned program offers extensive services to all units sold, using only qualified mechanics and engineers. The Bugatti warranty will then extend to the next owner with a “Bugatti Certified” seal, giving second-hand owners the same privileges and security that the very first owner enjoyed. Still do not have a million dollars to plunk down on a pre-loved supercar? Hit up one of our Ultimate Driving Experiences at a track near you, it’s the best way to spend a day for just a couple of hundred USD!

Bugatti Certified Pre-Owned

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