Official: The Bugatti Chiron Shall Pack a Hybrid Powertrain

The rumors regarding the Bugatti Veyron successor have been churning for quite some time, with little revealed but the name. Now it has finally been released by VW Group that the Bugatti Chiron shall indeed be packing a hybrid powertrain. This news comes as little surprise with super hybrids like LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 already out there competing, leaving just one very important question to be answered: Will this be the fastest car on the planet? And because there are no real photos leaked at this point– what will it look like?

Bugatti Chiron

Will it look something like the above rendering with a bit more of the Veyron styling blended out? We must wait to see what the Chiron will actually look like (if they keep that name).

Word is that there will be a standard Bugatti Chiron as well as the hybrid offering. These are unique times in automotive history, with companies clamoring to meet stricter fuel emission guidelines by implementing hybrid technology while still struggling to deliver more power than ever before. It is only common sense that the fight must redline at some point, but that point has not been reached this year. What that means is that there are only so many horses that can be trapped in a standard road going or even racing machine. Porsche called for an end to the ‘Horsepower war’ recently, citing the same glaring reality. How much will be enough and how much is too much? Let us examine the upcoming Bugatti Chiron:

  • It seems that batteries and electric propulsion may be added to the already beastly W16 Veyron engine. The W16 is comprised of 2 healthy V8 engines that have become best friends.
  • This is the best possible scenario to grapple at thus far because the brand is going to continue producing W16 engines. It can be deduced that the engines are for the Veyron successor, because they are certainly not for the Jetta.
  • The Chiron should churn out around 1360 horses, which is only 160 more than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. There is ample room for experimentation and additional power.

Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Veyron successor has huge shoes to fill

With the Porsche 918 spyder already sold out and the LaFerrari nearly impossible to obtain, the Bugatti Chiron is likely to be the center of focus for a time and equally challenging to obtain. In the end, we all just want to see her body.

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