Just a Convoy of Bugatti Veyron Hypercars—No Big Deal

There was quite a spectacle a few years back when a procession of Lamborghini Aventadors took to the strip in South Beach. It appears someone has thought up a clever and killer way to outshine even that: A convoy of Bugatti Veyron hypercars. The sometimes-elusive Bugatti Veyron is a mythical creature rarely captured in its natural habitat, let alone in a herd! If you have not yet guessed, this is the Bugatti Grand Tour.

The sight of not one but eleven Bugatti Veyron cars just chilling out. Check out the video above of the multi-million dollar gathering of power, performance and prestige. Shmee150 provides great details and commentary as usual. 

The Bugatti Grand Tour 2014 is an illustrious and exclusive event. The Bugatti Grand Tour is a reasonable excuse to rub elbows and swap stories with fellow Bugatti Veyron owners. It is, after all, the only event where owners of the ‘Special edition Bugatti Veyrons’ like the Pur Sang can brag to the best of their ability to the likes of the lowly standard Veyron owners. So would the Bugatti Veyron L’or Blanc be the trump card at this event? No, that would likely be the World Record car, the orange and black number in the video. The World Record car was created to commemorate the long-held record of World’s Fastest Production Car, which Bugatti held for close to 5 years.

Bugatti Grand TourOne of the rare Bugatti Legends Series Cars, the Veyron Vitesse Meo Costantini, was snapped in the lineup. Word is that there are Veyrons from all over the globe in attendance–which comes as little surprise when one stops to consider how much wealth it takes to own and maintain a supercar of the Veyron’s magnitude.

Bugatti Grand Tour

This year’s Bugatti Grand Tour kicked off in Munich and meandered through the picturesque passes of the Alpines in Switzerland before coming to a halt at the home of Bugatti in Molsheim, France. Just because Bugatti owners are rich and busy clearly does not mean they never pause for fun!

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