Bugatti Legends Series Clothing Line Brings the 90s Back

Bugatti surprised fans at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance with something other than a supercar. The Bugatti Legends Series clothing line was introduced at the lavish automotive gathering. For those who do not know, the Bugatti Legends Series is a set of 6 Bugatti Veyron Grand Vitesse supercars. Three examples were created of the six, and the six all pay tribute to important people in the history of Bugatti. Now there is an exclusive clothing line imagined to mate the owners to the cars.

Bugatti Legends Series Clothing The Bugatti Legends Series clothing line is an unexpected addition to the legends cars fleet. It is also an unexpected flash back to matching couples clothing, a trend I was quite pleased to see pass.

The Bugatti clothing line debut was made extra special by the fact that the Pebble Beach show marked the first and likely the last time all six Legends cars will be at the same place at the same time. The clothing is tailored to perfection and each piece is a vision imagined to match each Legends car.

Bugatti Legends Series ClothingNot even owning one of the rarest Bugatti Veyrons on the planet is an excuse to dress to match your mate. Sorry, lads.

Bugatti Legends Series ClothingThe Bugatti Legends Series clothing line at a glance:

  • A vast array of exquisite materials make up the clothing line, including deer, calf, cordovan leather and even buffalo. As you may well imagine, such ensembles also boast precious metals to link them to the automobiles.
  • Male and female ensembles were designed to match the cars…and each other.
  • The gear is being touted as a “Harmonious union of technology and sophisticated luxury”. I think they must mean the supercars.
  • The Jean-Pierre Wimille car’s outfit features two-toned buffalo hide jackets and the women’s line has Swarovski crystals, belts and driving gloves.
  • The Jean Bugatti has an Atlantic Type 57 printed onto a shirt with kimono sleeves adorning the women’s line.
  • Cool leather jackets give a nod to the Meo Costantini set.
  • Carbon fiber silk lining, straw hats and a variety of metal styles grace each collection.

Bugatti Legends Series The women’s line could have been created with similar colors without completely mirroring the mens, but that is simply an opinion. 

Bugatti Legends carsDo not worry yourself with pricing–it is unlikely we will ever see this clothing line off the catwalk or any of the Bugatti Legends cars out on the roads.

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