Bugatti Lifestyle Collection and $100k Carbon Fiber Shisha Pipe

Bugatti offers plenty in the smoking pipes department—and now they bestow a different type of pipe. The Bugatti Shisha pipe will cost buyers a cool $100,000…which is half the cost of a decent Ferrari. Aside from blisteringly fast hypercars, fans of the brand can shop the Bugatti Lifestyle Collection, where luxury baubles of many kinds can be discovered and added to collections. Bugatti Lifestyle Collection

The Bugatti Lifestyle Collection is as upscale and expensive as its motor vehicles.

The Bugatti Shisha pipe is not comprised of the typical materials but rather carbon fiber, hand-sewn leather and titanium. This is not something one would stumble upon in the local smoke shop.

Bugatti Lifestyle Collection

Shisha connoisseurs can now add the $100k Bugatti pipe to their collections. Imagine pulling this out for a gathering of friends. 

The Bugatti Lifestyle Collection is broken down into two lines: The Ettore Bugatti line and the Extreme Performance line. Both collections boast exclusive Bugatti apparel and accessories. Rumors have it that a Bespoke line will be added that is only available for Bugatti owners. Hey, there cannot be just anyone out there wearing your watch. Interested parties can find outerwear, ties, suits, bags and accessories in the collections.

Bugatti Lifestyle Collection

The most exciting line seems to be the Extreme Performance option. It incorporates materials found on the Bugatti supercars nicely. Each item in this collection is limited to 431 units to reflect the speed in kilometers per hour of the fastest Bugatti, the Veyron Super Sport. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport remains the world’s fastest production car, with competitors burning to compete.

Bugatti Lifestyle Collection

The Bugatti Lifestyle Collection has a 5-year rollout plan where it will grace a reported 35 fine boutiques around the globe with several enviable partners.


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