Bugatti Orders More Transmissions—Super Veyron?

Bugatti has extended an order for its Veyron 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The order was supposed to end in 2013, and so was the Veyron hypercar. It has recently been extended through 2014, which possibly means there will be a Super Veyron emerging!


More Bugatti transmissions can mean only one thing: the Super Veyron is coming! Unless they are using a new one for the beast…not to be a buzz kill. 

Rumors have been wildly circulating that there will be a Super Veyron and that it will come out of hiding for the Frankfurt Auto Show. The show is in September of 2013, so we have a few months to wait and read the signs! The next generation Veyron talk has been a tease thus far, but an actual order lends promise.

Bugatti Super Sport

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

The Bugatti Super Veyron could have a top speed exceeding 288 miles per hour, which trumps the current Veyron Super Sport’s 268. The Super Sport is currently the fastest production car on the market, and Bugatti likely wants to cling to that accolade and title.

We hope that the Super Veyron is not a creature of myth, because it is said that its 0-60 jump could rival Formula One cars at around 1.8 seconds. Say that aloud: One-point-eight seconds. That is faster than I can inhale and then exhale.

bugatti veyron

If it is to be created, the Super Veyron will be the fastest production car

Will there be a Bugatti Veyron capable of sending 1600 horses around the track? And if so, would the usual Veyron transmission be up for that kind of punishment? Stay tuned for more details as they emerge when you subscribe to our Luxury Blog!


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