Video Shows Potential Bugatti Veyron Successor– Looks No Different!

In the aftermath of the seemingly never-ending farewell to the record-breaking beast that is the Bugatti Veyron, new video footage shows the potential successor lapping the Nurburgring rather leisurely. The car in the video is being described as a Veyron test mule. The odd thing is that the machine looks just like any other member of the Veyron family, so let us hope it is not a successor. It could prove disappointing if the brand fails to make a move toward something different after making such a spectacle of the end of the production line.

The clip above shows the Veyron test car taking it fairly slow around the Nurburgring two times. Is it the successor? With the line ending recently, it would only make sense for it to be so, but why does she look so hauntingly familiar?

The Bugatti Veyron successor is rumored to be named the ‘Chiron’. While the Veyron reigned supreme for years and is certainly a spectacular supercar, even the special editions maintained that same signature body. It would seem rather redundant for the highly anticipated successor to share the same iconic shape, a profile that even the most dedicated fans are likely growing tired of seeing. So is it possible that they are simply testing out new hardware in the old shell to keep a new body style under wraps until later in the testing pipeline? Would that approach even make sense for testing purposes? There are simply more questions than answers at this point in the game.

Bugatti Veyron successorThe Bugatti Chiron is said to be a tribute to a concept from the 1990s, also named the Chiron. It is pretty much the ‘Eleanor’ for the brand, a project repeatedly started and stopped, never fully reaching fruition. Will the concept finally see the green light two decades later? Stay tuned!

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