Bulgari Octo Maserati Watch is On Time

Maserati continues to ring in their 100th anniversary in supreme style with a (kind of) limited edition Bulgari Octo Maserati watch. There will be 1,914 watches made, to commemorate the year the luxury carmaker was founded. It is a limited edition, though with a production amount approaching 2k, it is not on the extreme side of slight.

Bulgari Octo Maserati watch

The Bulgari Octo Maserati watch celebrates Maserati’s 100th and Bulgari’s 130th anniversaries, respectively. What better way to mark an occasion than with a luxurious timepiece? 

The exotic carmaker paired with the upscale design house to craft a timeless nod to one of the leading and most recognizable brands on the planet. The coupling resulted in the Bulgari Octo Maserati watch, which features the following embellishments and perks:

  • The time display is a fancy champlevé dial. This feature is rather complicated, with accents and enamel meticulously scribed, fired and hand-polished.
  • Because it is a blend of two illustrious brands and on the extreme side of time consuming to create, this watch comes at the cost of 10,150 euros to obtain. What will become of any unsold units, will they be offered as a perk with purchase of a new Maserati? That could be interesting.
  • The Maserati trident logo is prominent on the face along with attractive blue design elements and components. The look is finished off with a sleek alligator print strap.
  • This luxury watch is kind of 007 because it is water resistant up to 100 meters. James Bond would certainly approve of this timepiece.

Bulgari Octo Maserati watch

A Bulgari Bugatti watch would prove to be a bit of a tongue twister. I am not certain if it has been created before as a search turned up nothing. If it has not, perhaps it is TIME?

Bulgari Octo Maserati watch

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