Buy a Mega Luxury Yacht and Get the Matching Luxury Car Free?

They say when a deal sounds too good to be true, it likely is.  Whoever ‘they’ are, they must not know about the Strand Craft 122 Open, a mega luxury yacht that comes with its own matching luxury car.  That’s right, the luxury car comes free with the purchase of the yacht.  Out of your price range?  Relax with a luxury yacht charter Miami and an exotic rental car Miami to set it off!

The Strand Craft 122 Open is a luxury yacht concept, a full 38 meters of spectacular.  This mega yacht comes with a twin-turbocharged V12 coach-built supercar, with a  matching paintjob that looks stunning peeking from the onboard boat garage.  The exotic car is dubbed the Strand Craft Tender, and can reportedly hit top speeds of 233 miles per hour.  Hey, if you are going to splurge at sea, its not like you are going to roll out in anything but the best at port! This dynamic duo is perfect to add to a luxury rental fleet. Maybe this car may show up in a fleet of exotic rental cars Los Angeles.

The Strand Craft 122 is intended as an art deco masterstroke powered by two MTU series 4000 diesel engines kicking out over 9,200 horsepower with two Rolls-Royce jet drives.  For those who really like it fast, there is an optional “booster” engine, a Vericor TF 50 adding 5,100 more horses to the sea.  Measuring 38 meters with a 7.6 meter beam and a 1.5 meter draft, the Strand Craft mega yacht weighs 120 tons, yet hits 55 knots top speed (63 miles per hour).

Hmm…do yacht O’Mega  and other top yachts of the seas have additional competition?  Mega yachts get larger each year in their attempts to sink competitors and win bragging rights to being the biggest and most luxurious.  It is truly a cock-fight of epic proportions.

No stranger to surf and turf, Strand Craft was behind the Corvette Sting Ray-inspired speeder in the past.  Yet the Strand Craft 122 Open is certainly far more luxurious than any of the company’s past offerings.

The price, you ask?  Because I have not seen it listed, it must indicate that if one must ask, one cannot afford it…as is the case with luxury items of this magnitude!
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