Cadillac Unveils Luxury Dealership Design Plans

Cadillac has announced plans to revamp some dealership locations as part of a strategy to improve customer service and luxury standards.  So far, more than 200 dealers have committed to the makeovers over the next two years! 

Cadillac Dealership Makeovers

Cadillac Dealership Makeovers, Coffee Bar

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Cadillac Dealership Makeovers

The new Cadillac showrooms will boast artwork highlighting the design renaissance of the brand and new modern designs that showcase the ‘Defining Moments’, a new customer service initiative.  The upscale vibe should begin at the point of purchase, so kudos to Caddy for addressing the issue and making their dealerships pop!

Cadillac Dealership Makeovers

The new showrooms were created by Gensler architects and Cadillac designers and feature an open layout, well-lit displays and an interactive customer approach.  Customers can easily interact with the luxury vehicles and the staff, and even have access to an upscale lounge with a coffee bar while they mull over the big purchase!

The new Cadillac showrooms will feature:

•    Limestone tile and aluminum storefront glazing
•    Photography highlighting elements in Cadillac & Science design philosophy
•    Stainless steel and brushed aluminum finishes
•    Theatrical lighting to highlight the vehicles
•    English Oak walls, matte porcelain tile floors
•    Rich, ultra-dark textured leather chairs and Knoll Barcelona® lounge chairs
•    Polished chrome tables and lamps

Cadillac Dealership Makeovers

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