Camo Hummer Golf Cart Hides Out in Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals New Miami Headquarters

Luxury Hummer Golf Cart

Imagine Lifestyles is thrilled about our new Miami, Florida headquarters, and to make it even sweeter we are adding a new Hummer luxury golf cart to the premises, and wrapping it in cool camouflage!  Now clients can enjoy a spin in the mini-hummer while deciding which exotic car rental is right for them! 


Luxury Golf Carts

Well, shouldn’t shopping be fun?  And shopping for a luxury rental vehicle can only be made more exciting with the addition of…well…another luxury vehicle.

Camo Hummer Golf Cart

As you can see, we decided that red just wouldn’t do for this off-roading road hog.  No, we feel that a nice camo wrap is far more appropriate for this diminutive counterpart of a popular luxury SUV rental

Hummer Golf Cart Camo

We are going through great pains to ensure every detail is perfect on our latest addition, and it will be ready to roll in the very near future!

Exotic Golf Carts Hummer
Click through our fleet of luxury rental cars Miami on your way out, and stop by the new headquarters when you are ready for the real thing!




Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals