Can Aston Martin Add Variety to the Lineup?

When one sees an Aston Martin on the street, there is certainly no mistaking the badge. This overall consistency has led to a bit of brand blandness, however, as consumers prefer variety when investing in an exotic car. Can Aston Martin add variety to the lineup and attract new clients? That is the plan, according to the rumor mill!

Aston Martin

Can Aston Martin overcome this identity crisis and create a well-rounded fleet to choose from?

Anyone lacking a functional knowledge of exotic cars can easily point out an Aston Martin. The problem lies in the fact that even car connoisseurs sometimes need a few minutes to distinguish a DB9 from a DBS, or a Vantage from a Virage. I think you are picking up what I am putting down at this juncture! They all look the same, like starter homes lining a cul de sac.

Aston Martin

The problem is that it is a challenge to tell which Aston Model is which, so clearly some variety is in order. Above is a DBS Volante.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin DB9

The wealthy buyers of cars like Aston Martin crave a bit of identity to go along with brand signature. Think about Ferrari as a fleet, there are numerous options and styles to choose from, from the Ferrari 458 spider to the new Ferrari FF hatchback. So what does Aston intend to do about this? There will be slight modifications to add individuality to the V12 Vantage and the next Rapide!

Aston Martin

The next V12 Vantage:
• This will be named the ‘Carbon Black Edition’
• It will boast a facelift that will hopefully turn out better than some superstars.
• An additional $20,000 buys carbon fiber interior trim and a hand-finished black exterior
The next Rapide:
• While spy shots give next to nothing away, the side panels seem to stand-in for a new front-end design. The front may mirror the V12 Zagato.
• The Rapide is relatively unchanged, and is an example of a super-sedan done right. But a bit of revamping could prove to be key for sales.


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