Can the Bentley GT3 Racecar Get Them Back on the Track?

Bentley is taking advantage of the LA Auto Show to tout its new model. The Bentley GT3 racecar represents the brands return to the track since taking 6th in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race of 2003. It is about time, Bentley…you only took a decade off!

Bentley GT3 Racecar

Bentley is back with a luxury racer! The GT3 is at the Los Angeles Auto Show, shocking onlookers with the unexpected.

Let’s face it, one does not exactly think of ‘racecar’ when the brand Bentley comes to mind. Prestige? Indeed. Luxury? Hell yes. Speed demon? Not so much. So what is going on with this new development?

Bentley GT3 Racecar

The Bentley GT3 racer:

  • The new GT3 is based on Bentley’s fastest car ever, the Continental GT Speed. Creative name…
  • Features state-of-the-art motorsport hardware
  • A comprehensive aerodynamic package
  • Rear-wheel-drive chassis
  • 616 horsepower
  • New 8-speed automatic transmission (What? No manual? This is for the track…)
  • Engine management software
  • 0-60 jump in 4 seconds
  • 100 miles per hour in 9 seconds
  • 21-inch allow wheels
  • Bentley Flying B wing vents
  • Diamond quilted leather-trimmed cabin
  • Sport tuned suspension and steering
  • 6.75-liter V8

Bentley GT3 Racecar

Sporting the lucky number 7 at the LA Auto Show and accented with lime, the GT3 incited its share of stares.

Bentley said development of the Continental GT3 racer would continue in the coming months and be ready for testing in 2013. Will it be a super sedan or a racecar? This is all quite confusing.

Bentley GT3 Racecar

“The clear message from our customers is that Bentley belongs on the racetrack, and the Continental GT3 is the realization of a dream we’ve had ever since the launch of the Continental GT. The new GT Speed is the perfect car for us to develop into a racer, and our work so far has shown huge potential.”  -Wolfgang Schreiber, chief executive and chairman at Bentley Motors

Bentley GT3 Racecar

GT3 wheels 


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