Can We Create Power Grids to Provide Power to Increasing Amount of Electric Cars?

eCruisers Electric Cars

Smart cars and electric cars have made their way from concept form, to the showroom and our highways.  The burning (though not fuel burning) question remaining is how to conveniently refuel electric cars as the number of them on the roadways increases.  While this is not an issue with the exotic rental car industry currently, it is likely to be in the future, and worth taking note of.


eCruisers Electric Car Fleet

A company called eCruisers squires folks around Annapolis, Maryland, in a fleet electric cars made by Global Electric Motorcars, which is owned by Chrysler.  This is a green practice, as the rides in the electric cars are free, advertising pays the freight.  eCruisers has encountered the recharging issue for its electric cars.

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eCruisers is owned by entrepreneur Russell Rankin, who has 13 electric cars that he charges behind Loews Hotel in Annapolis.  The electric vehicles are good for about 30 miles, at which point they return for a recharge.  The prongs for the electric cars are compatible with any regular household outlet.

Powering Electric Cars

Rankin says it is a cat-and-mouse game, keeping track of how many electric vehicles are out, how many electrical outlets are available, as he has 13 cars but not 13 outlets.  And yes, the electric cars often run out of power away from the hotel, leaving Rankin to joke that they know where all of the power outlets in town are located.

So this leaves the question, how to create and maintain a widespread and reliable source of power for an increasing number of electric cars?

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