Can You Guess The Most Expensive Zip Code?

Do you know where the current most expensive zip code in the United States is located?  This question will come easily to real estate and luxury property buffs.  I will narrow it down- it is in California. 
Most Expensive US Zip Codes
Did you guess the infamous 90210?  While that was correct in the past, and the sitcom rocked, it is no longer the winner of the most expensive zip code!  That coveted and prestigious title now belongs to Duarte, 91008.  If you ask me, it is ok, it simply lacks that familiar “90210” ring that those of us from the 90s are so accustomed to.  So what is so special about Duarte, and where, pray tell, is it?

Duarte, California includes the city of Bradbury, and is a small suburb northeast of downtown Los Angeles near the national forest.  The proximity to the bustling metropolis that is downtown LA, coupled with the exclusive suburban retreat appeal, has led to people purchasing multimillion-dollar mansions in Duarte, 91008.  Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?  I can just picture the exotic and luxury cars lining the driveways, with special Ferrari rentals on certain occasions…I bet it is a spectacle!

The median cost of a home in Duarte, 91008 is approximately $4,276,462.  That figure makes this luxury community the most expensive housing market in the country, and places it at No. 1 on Forbes’ annual ranking of America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes.  I wonder if any of the cast from Beverly Hills 90210 has relocated to the 91008.

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