Why Ferrari Took Over a Gas Station

Luxury automaker and branding guru Ferrari has surprised the masses by acquiring temporary rights to a certain gas station. The move has nothing to do with any sort of energy battle, but rather, a unique way to allow fans to interact with the brand called ‘Casa Ferrari’. When I first heard of the story, my initial thought was that the Prancing Horse had perhaps purchased a gas station near one of their testing sites, alas, it was something completely different!

Casa Ferrari took Pebble Beach and Monterey Car Week by storm. The best way to get a feel for just how all-encompassing this event was is to take in the short clip above:

The events of the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance attract massive amounts of luxury and exotic car fans, buyers and manufacturers. Ferrari decided that it would behoove the company to rent out a gas station to reinforce the presences of the Prancing Horse (as if it could ever be overlooked), cater to VIP guests and prevent all of those fine automobiles from getting thirsty. The lightbulb/idea seemed to be a success because over the course of the event, the Shell station at the Carmel Highlands general store accommodated over 4,000 guests and countless exotic sports cars and vintage cars. The station was completely transformed into a picturesque Italian scene complete with test drives and elegant dining. This approach is much more attractive than the standard smattering of cars baking on the lawn coupled with the yawns as the day progresses.

Casa Ferrari

Ferrari chose the gas station to rent wisely, settling on the Shell in that spot because it has been a traditional sort-of landmark thanks to its prime location and the annual luxury Pebble Beach goings-on. Casa Ferrari ran from August 12-16th and provided an interactive outlet for fans and visitors, because Ferrari North America’s director of marketing and brand experience, Greg Adams, has not been impressed with how other brands approach Pebble Beach. Adams shared: “This whole event weekend was becoming a showroom on the green, and that to me was a turnoff.” To depart from the expected brand booth motif, Casa Ferrari boasted a bright white façade with Ferrari red shutters (think Enzo Ferrari’s home) and the gas station was reimagined to resemble a quaint but racy Italian villa. Outside, genuine Italian cuisine was served to the delicate acoustics of surrounding supercars. Now that is an image/experience I could get behind!

Casa FerrariFerrari is brave enough to be a Horse of a different color in a sea of commonality. The brand is known to be the first to switch gears. 

As it would turn out, the owner of that Shell station happens to own a Ferrari. Well done Ferrari, well done!

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