Cashmere & Gold, Anyone? Ferrari Launches New Customization Program!

Ferrari is getting quite fancy, unleashing a flashy new customization program that allows clients to drape their sports cars in far more than just fine leathers! With this privilege obviously comes a price, but if you have a quarter million plus to drop on a Ferrari, you want it to be decked out your way!

Just please…use this service with discretion…there is no need for anymore ugly cars like these horrid exclusive Mercedes customizations! (Follow link to behold).

Custom Ferrari 599

The sky is the limit…like this custom Ferrari 599

Now it will be possible to bypass custom car design companies (leaving more time driving and less time waiting!), and have that new Ferrari delivered just how you dream. Clients can cover their seats with cashmere, request a gold paint job and a multitude of other extravagances. This is the newest program offered by Ferrari and is geared toward the total personalization of a passion—the exotic sports car. Hey, who wants to blend in with every other Ferrari on the streets?

Custom camo Ferrari

Feeling this custom camo Ferrari? It is now possible…possibly

The Ferrari customization program includes three pre-designed collections to choose or draw inspiration from, including:
•    Classica (A classic appearance with all-leather)
•    Scuderia (A blend of Kevlar and carbon fiber for a track-worthy vibe)
•    Inedita (Featuring exotic and unusual fabrics like denim and cashmere for a fashion-forward approach)

Custom Ferrari program

Your Ferrari, your way

The above creations are not mandatory for the customization program from Ferrari, people have complete creative control over their cars. It is a beautiful thing…unless Paris Hilton hears about this…I do not want to see a pink Ferrari with poodle skin seats tooling about Los Angeles anytime soon…

Pink Ferrari Enzo

Paris Hilton collection not included…or recommended


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