Luxury Rental Item of the Week: Private Jet Charter Learjet 60

Developed from the successful Learjet 55 model, the Learjet 60 luxury aircraft features a longer fuselage, creating more cabin space and wider travel range.  The Learjet 60 falls into the mid-size private jet category, which provides a bit more range and performance than lighter jets.  This is a luxury jet charter that offers its elite clients a fast climb, long range, and impressive cruising speed of around 440 knots.  This speed of this jet feels much like when you push our Lamborghini rental car to the max.  With a range of around 2,500 miles, the 60 is perfect for domestic business and pleasure trips.  WPrivate Aircraft Charterhen you want to get to your destination in style and with haste this is definitely the way to do it.  Sit back in the soft leather seats and soak in the views, nearly every seat on the Learjet 60 is a window seat.  Imagine the ability to stretch your legs, move about the cabin, and actually enjoy your flight. This is what makes most clients want to charter a Learjet 60.

Escalades and Private Jets Make Good Movies!

Recently I watched the movie ‘From Paris With Love’, where John Travolta played a sort of Chuck Norris action hero, as character ‘Charlie Wax’.  What is up with substance words, it forces me to think of Angelina Jolie’s character ‘Salt’.  Back to the film, even with a semi-realistic plot, it was certainly enhanced with the Cadillac Escalade and private jet appearances!

Yes, it was the cliché government ops versus foreign spies and acts of terrorism, but in its defense it had all the fun perks and components we all love (I assume I am not alone).  These included secret surveillance bugs planted in important offices, unexpected spy relationships and covers, and of course, luxury jet charters and Escalade rentals for the badass government undercover dudes.  Those dudes would be Travolta (Wax) and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Reese).

Steven Slater: Rogue Flight Attendant or Working-Class Hero?

From airline attendant to underdog superhero, and seemingly overnight, Steven Slater has certainly made his point.  What he likely didn’t realize was the multitude of other issues that would be brought to the surface in the mix.  So what is up with commercial air travel?Steven Slater JetBlue Flight Attendant

To recap, Steven Slater was a JetBlue flight attendant and self-professed “Bag Nazi”.  Slater made a dramatic exit, and headlines, quitting his position by grabbing two beers and sliding down an emergency exit slide following an altercation with an unruly passenger.   (see photos at right, nice sleeves officer...)

Feds Give Flying Car Weight Exemption

The Terrafugia Transition is the closest thing to a flying car that has been created to date.  There is no end to the awesomeness of this idea, a vehicle that is equal parts plane and you know, car.  Seriously.

Terrafugia is a startup firm, and they have been developing and tweaking the Transition (fitting name) since 2006.  This startup was founded by a group of MIT engineers who seem to have an affinity for the aerial.  Basically, Transition is a light, single-engine plane capable of folding its wings, with a substantial four-wheeled undercarriage allowing it to be a car.  One word:  Beast.

Luxury Jets: The $59.9 Million Dollar Gulfstream G550 Soars

The name Gulfstream certainly stands out among private jet and aircraft manufacturers, and the Gulfstream G550 is among their best models.  So let’s discuss what comes with the $59.9 million dollars buyers will shell out to own one.

The G550 Gulfstream features an oversized cabin, and is a long-range business jet charter that has been receiving its fair share of attention from its inception.  It accomplished this by flying non-stop from Seoul, South Korea to Orlando Florida just two weeks after it entered service, scaling the 7,301 nautical miles in just 14.5 hours.  This feat snagged the G550 a city pair record, and it established 40 more during its first 5 years of service (it has been in service since 2003).

A Luxury Jet Charter Fit For Paris, the City, Too

There are many ways to travel, many of which are well above “first-class”.  For instance, there are private jet charters, which seem to be the preferred method of transport for the world’s elite and the wealthy.  Like paparazzi favorite, Paris Hilton.

When your parents are literally made of money, it seems traveling is not so tiresome.  Recently, Paris took off to South Africa, where the World Cup was being hosted in a luxury aircraft charter, from which she tweeted photos to her followers.

Discover 5-Star Service, Discover Private Jet Charters

I know I am not alone when I lament commercial air travel.  The long lines, increasingly idiotic security measures (if my deodorant could be a bomb, why did you toss it hard into a trash can?), canceled flights, delays, less than hygienic passengers and screaming children. 

What if you could travel faster, and in complete tranquility?  Is this a fantasy of yours as you stand in line at commercial airports clutching your luggage, sweat breaking out on your forehead as you scan the flight status marquee?  Well, it could be a reality when you choose a private jet charter.

Luxury Rental Item of the Week: The Cessna Citation Jet CJ1

This week Imagine Lifestyles is highlighting our Cessna Citation CJ1, a private jet charter falling into the lightweight jet category.  This is an ideal private aircraft charter for smaller groups, going shorter distances.
Cessna CJ1 Private Jet Charter
Labeled as the “aircraft of choice” for short-range business and corporate jet charters, the CJ1 Citation charter delivers the ultimate in luxury while simultaneously providing seamless and stress-free trips. 

This private luxury air charter is ideal for short business trips, small family vacations and a variety of other needs.  This luxury jet seats five to seven passengers comfortably, and was designed and engineered with the passenger in mind, to deliver and exceed expectations.

Mercedes-Benz and Eurocopter Unveil Luxury Helicopter in Geneva

Mercedes-Benz just got a little bit cooler…if that was possible.  The luxury company has joined forces with Eurocopter and presented upon the world a luxury helicopter of grand proportions!

This is truly exciting news for luxury fans worldwide.  It is the first product by Eurocopter in the new Mercedes-Benz style range.  The companies jointly unveiled the EC145 luxury helicopter May 4th at the European Business Aviation Convention in Geneva.  EC145 Luxury Mercedes-Benz Helicopter

Why Renting Can Trump Owning Exotic Cars, Boats, Planes and Properties-From the Experts in Luxury Rentals

There are many upsides to renting exotic toys such as luxury cars, boats, planes and even vacation homes as opposed to owning them.  Let us fill you in on the perks.

Renting luxury items is ideal for many people; even people who can afford to own the items.  It is a common misconception that renting an exotic car, or a luxury condo rental signifies that person cannot afford to own one-that is simply not the case.  Many who travel often, or who are savvy, opt to rent luxury items for many reasons.