Aston Martin Vulcan Pairs Well with the Avro Vulcan

The Aston Martin Vulcan is pretty much the most powerful thing the brand has produced lately, an extreme track-focused beast given the look of a show car. There is also another famous Vulcan in the UK—the Avro Vulcan aircraft. Watch the two epic creations encounter each other in the short clip below!

The Avro Vulcan is stunning in the air and the Aston Martin Vulcan has the ground effects covered. The Avro version is an iconic jet bomber craft that originated back in the 1950s. It is unclear if the aircraft is the car’s namesake, but it is nice to think as much. The Vulcan car retains a naturally aspirated 7.0-liter V12 engine during the time of the hybrid, and churns forth 800 horses for the road to reckon with. There will only be 24 examples of the car crafted, and all are likely pre-sold. read more

Bugatti Racing Aircraft: The Bugatti 100P Lives On

Bugatti 100P

The name Bugatti is synonymous with the fastest cars on the planet, but a handful of fans still remember that founder Ettore Bugatti also had his mind set on a Bugatti racing aircraft. The Bugatti 100P aircraft is a project that continues to evolve all of these decades later.

Photo ©Bugatti 100P Project

Back in the 1930s, Ettore Bugatti developed a desire to engineer the best racing aircraft of the era. Unfortunately, the Bugatti racing aircraft project was forced on hold during World War II when Ettore had to flee Paris, France and take his aircraft with him. The project never left the ground, though enthusiasts have since kept the dream alive and worked toward completing what was started so long ago. read more

Delta VIP Select Has A Secret Paparazzi Proof Tunnel and Offers Porsche Shuttle

 Delta VIP Select

Laying low in Los Angeles as a celebrity can be more than a challenge—it can be impossible. Factor in the constant travel demands of being a star, and the LAX airport seems more like trap than a convenience. For these reasons, Delta Airlines has created a special VIP service at LAX called ‘Delta VIP Select’ to assist celebrities with a secret tunnel to shield them from cameras and prying eyes, and also a nifty Porsche shuttle service.

The Delta VIP Select service is not advertised, but is available upon request to the airline’s clients for a surprisingly small fee of $350 (more for additional services). Aside from the privacy, the coolest perk of the service is that a Porsche hybrid greets clients at the tarmac. The fleet includes the Porsche Panamera or the Cayenne SUV models, depending on the amount of luggage involved. Once in the car, the passengers are whisked off to the secret gate and then through the tunnel where their personal driver then meets them. read more

Bugatti Racing Plane Finally Takes Flight

Bugatti racing plane

Back in the 1930s, Bugatti founder Ettore created the 100P sports plane. Although Ettore secured patents began work, the war prevented the plane from completion…until now. To Californians have recreated the Bugatti racing plane and it is about to take its first-ever flight.

Meet a perfect Bugatti racing plane replica of the 100P. Two dedicated fans in California took extraordinary pains to recreate this plane. It is about to take flight, decades after its 1930’s predecessor.

The plane is, of course, a replica, but it remains true to Ettore Bugatti’s design. Specifications of the original Bugatti racing plane include the following: read more

$450,000 Aston Martin Flying Delta in Cargo

Aston Martin

Recently, a 1963 Aston Martin traveled from Frankfurt, Germany to New York via Delta Air Lines. The $450,000 luxury car needed to make the trip overnight, so it was secured into the hold of the aircraft on a standard freight pallet with its polished bumpers protruding over the edges! The classic car attracted much attention during the loading and off-loading processes, naturally. This reminded me of the Lamborghini Aventadors being offloaded.

An Aston Martin travels in the hold of a Delta aircraft from Frankfurt, Germany to New York. Would you ever dream of shipping a vehicle worth a half million dollars in a standard hold?  read more

Boeing-Inspired Lamborghini Aventador Photo Gallery

Lamborghini has publicized its unique partnership with Boeing with a special one-off Lamborghini Aventador created to pay homage to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The Aventador boasts some distinct Boeing characteristics and uses advanced carbon fiber from the 787 Dreamliner. Video of 787 Dreamliner at bottom of post!

Boeing Aventador

The Boeing-inspired Aventador

Exotic Car & Aircraft Video: ‘Angle of Attack’ Showcased Luxury While Benefiting Animal Shelters

It is always cool when extreme aircraft and exotic cars collide, like today in Washington at the ‘Angle of Attack’ show!  Held at the Museum of Flight, Angle of Attack is an aerodynamic kinship between exotic cars and aircraft that also benefits area animal shelters, a win-win event of epic proportions!  Many of the cars on display at this event are available to you in any of our exotic rental car fleets nationwide.

Drive Exotic Cars 200 MPH in the Mojave and Play Fighter Pilot

Love exotic cars?  Want to play fighter pilot for a day?  Love the Mojave Desert?  While the later may be a bit quirky, you can now merge these fantasies in a 3-day all-out supercar meets open space extravaganza!  The event, hosted by Bluefish, is called ‘Supercars in the Mojave’  (original).

The event is to take place March 22nd, 2010, so if this is something you can’t miss, you better catapult your ass out of your chair and make the call.  If you miss it, do not cry like a...sad person, just call us and reserve one of our fast and furious exotic rental cars Miami or from our Los Angeles exotic rental cars instead...and some track time.

Mojave Desert Racing

The 3-day adrenaline rush includes the following:

Who Is Ready To Fly?

It’s A Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Jetlev

Here at the Chicago branch of Imagine Lifestyles, we usually refer to flying as getting behind the wheel of one of our exotic sports car rentals and cruising down Lake Shore Drive 10-15 mph over the speed limit.  However, after a recent discovery, we hope to soon be actually flying over Lake Michigan.  Unfortunately, we are not purchasing any new luxury charter planes or helicopters but we are hoping to get our hands on a Jetlev as soon as possible. 


400 People Volunteer for One-Way Trip to Mars

Colonizing Mars

This is right up there with scientology and the new Ferrari FF hatchback on the weird scale.  It seems that some space fans have volunteered for a likely one-way trip to Mars…without ever being asked.  Within a month of reading “The Human Mission to Mars:  Colonizing the Red Planet”, approximately 400 people have written the editors to volunteer for such a trip.  I guess a space shuttle could be more exotic than even a Lamborghini rental Miami style, but the fear factor is pretty intimidating.