Ask Imagine: Winter Retreat to Miami

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am a fan of your blog and a businessman in New York who is looking to treat my family to a tropical escape this winter.  I know that you have operations based out of Miami, Florida, and would like to know what activities, accommodations and expectations I could have for bringing my family to South Beach for an extended winter escape. 

Also, I do not wish to drive my own Ferrari as I can’t see the logic in putting the extra mileage on her, my family obviously will not fit, and I would enjoy driving a different type of exotic rental car during my stay.  What do you recommend for the area that can accommodate my wife and two kids without boring me to tears?

Ask Imagine: Family of the Traveling Pants

Imagine Lifestyles Exotic Rental Cars and Luxury LivingDear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am traveling to Miami with my wife and 6-year old child.  What luxury hotels do you recommend in South Beach, and do you believe that we will require a rental car for the area?  Tips for restaurants, and activities besides the beach for our family are welcome! 

Chris, New York