Sleek and Stunning, the Bugatti Grand Sport Makes its Debut

Bugatti Grand Sport A topless transition from the Veyron, the new Bugatti Grand Sport will set you back a stratospheric $2 million dollars.  The design is elegant, not intimidating, and the interior engulfs driver and passenger in luxury.  The interior leather is pure of grain, originating from Alpine bovines raised at altitudes high enough to lack the insect pests that would mar their skin.  Now that is smooth.

Impressed yet?  This luxury car is capable of a cool blast-off from zero to 62 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds.  If you press the accelerator for seven seconds, you can become a blur reaching speeds of over 125 miles per hour-leaving gawkers to wonder "What is that?"  You could conceivably go 188 miles per hour, but would require a fuel stop every ten minutes.  The EPA economy numbers are not a concern to potential buyers, renters or owners of this exotic beast, but for the record they are 8-mpg city, 14-mpg highway. 

This  ridiculously racy car demands attention, and definitely gets it in spades.  This is one of the mBugatti Grand Sport luxury carost expensive, exclusive, and fastest production cars on earth.  A delicious sight and an almost devious experience to encounter, the Bugatti Grand Sport could qualify as one of the wonders of the world.  Other savvy selections and recommendations for exotic sports convertible rentals include the Aston Martin V8 Vantage rental, the Bentley GTC convertible rental, and the Ferrari F430 Spyder rental

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Top 5 Party Cities-Glam Hot-Spots for Hot Luxury Car Rentals

Traveling is an outlet for all of your accumulated creative juices, and what better way than with a visit to some of the world’s steamiest, sexiest luxury destinations?   In the world of racy and sultry places to party, absorb and be seen, our top five picks are:

•    Miami
•    Chicago
•    Los Angeles
•    Las Vegas
•    New York

Jet-setting across the United States is fabulous and freeing-especially behind the wheel ofA1A-Ocean Drive Sign a sleek and sophisticated, luxury rental car in South Beach for a night of upscale clubs and dancing.  We are, of course, partial to the charms of South Beach because we live here.  Miami is a destination that boils all along A1A, spilling into boutiques, international cuisine, pulsating nightclubs and expansive beachlines striped with blues and greens.  But in order to stand out down here, you must do it up-in an exotic rental car South Beach style!  Remember, you will have competition, so choose your weapon wisely.

Chicago is the Midwestern party pick.  This enormous city assuredly has something to offer everyone, with international cuisine, hot clubs with unique themes, and charming Chinatown.  Because Chicago expands along the shores of Lake Michigan, we recommend an upscale sky bar, for uninterrupted views of the water and the incredible Chicago skyline.  This is a fast-paced and packed city, with many endearing and luxurious qualities to take in.  It is also a major world finance center, which makes a luxury rental car in Chicago a must to keep up appearances.

Los Angeles is another favorite of ours, because it is the Mecca of the rich and fabulous.  Las Vegas Luxury TravelThe West Coast has its charms, including a cooler season that we in South Florida do not have.  For this reason, a convertible luxury rental may not be advised during the cooler months.  LA is a living breathing city full of celebrities, posh entertainment options, famous chefs, striking coastline, and within proximity to venture to Las Vegas in your exotic rental car, if you were so inclined.

Ahh Las Vegas.  We could hardly write about the best party cities in the U.S. without mentioning sin city!  Everyone knows that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, a quality that has helped to make it a favorite for people all over the world.  Glitter, glitz, gambling, excess and parties that appeal to many different styles can be found here.  Las Vegas is a thrill from the moment you check into your hotel and begin to stroll down the busy streets, surrounded by all of the luxury and options you desire. 

Jetting back to the East Coast, we cannot overlook the Big Apple-New York City. Notably Manhattan with its glittering skyscrapers, designer couture, upscale lifestyle and demanding attitude-this is definitely a city you do not want to visit without a luxury rental car New York style.  In New York, you do not get a second chance to make a first impression, and the glitziest turn heads.  Indulge in the city vibe during your stay here, and perhaps you will be ready for South Beach shortly after! 

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Sexy-time at the WIlliam Beaver House

The William Beaver House in Manhattan's Financial District, so named for its locations at the intersection of WIlliam and Beaver streets, was designed by Tsao & McKown Architects. The new construction rental building which was started by the Manocherian family in 2004 was sold to SDS Investments in October 2005 for $90 million bucks. SDS investments realizing how hot Andre Balaz was, invited Balazs to co-develop and brand WIlliam Beaver House. The 47 story high-rise offers 319 units, including airy two-bedroom layouts, ten duplexes with private terraces, 48 custom furnished units and three penthouses. WIlly Beav units feature nine-and-a-half-foot ceilings, eight foot windows, Burmese teak floors, hotel-like amenities plus in unit washer/ dryers and this is in Manhattan, don't forget.

The building was being marketed by the Sunshine Group but as of late the sex bomb is now in the hands of Prodigy International. Formerly the co-broker firm with CORE Group, Prodigy brings in the more Miami and foreign-based niche luxury buyer. Good news for William Beaver's luxury hotel-home vibe which is only about 67% sold.  Of some 169 units sold only 80 have closed thus far and Prodigy ballparks that 10% to 15% of buyers will walk away from closing sans deposits.

The gold-flecked building Balazs dreamt up at 15 William Street, looks more like it is still under construction thanks to the yellow splotches of brick dripping down the building. Prodigy remains hopeful and Prodigy President claims to have big deals in the works. So he says he is in the midst of completing a sale for $40 million in units with a group of Italian buyers and a Colombian buyer is buying up another group of units. Many investors are renting out their units and, or turning them back over to Prodigy to rent out but who knows what to believe these days.

Real estate companies in FiDi show some 30 rental units currently available in William Beaver, priced from about $2,900 up to $7,000 per month. As for the still unsold units, those are not for rent which seems like it would mean less money in the bank for Prodigy, Andre Balazs & Co. Apparently, William Beaver can afford to take its sweet old time. The luxury rental property is pretty sensational and absolutely worth a walk-around; if you're into Andre Balaz as much as we are then check out his newly opened space in Los Angeles too! “Balazs is one of the city's great authorities on sophisticated living”


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Billionaire to Buy Airport

Roman Abramovich ranked number 15 on the World's Billionaires list for 2008. This year, Abramovich bought Britain's leading football club, Chelsea, for more then $300 million. Along with the British soccer team, the billionaire recently added a six-story house in London's Eaton Square, part of the estate of the Duke of Westminster, which is said to be worth more than $46 million.  His portfolio of property also contains homes in West Sussex, Moscow and St. Tropez on the French Riviera. Abramovich's custom-made 300-foot yacht, Le Grand Bleu, which is worth $90 million, features a helicopter and two hovercraft launch pads. Le Grand Bleu was christened in Rio de Janeiro and has its home port in Bermuda. 

Now Abramovich is leading a  syndicate of Russian tycoons to buy Tassignano airport in northern Italy, for investment purposes.  The airport which is worth more than 4 million GBP is near encampment of exclusive villas and vacation homes. Maybe Tassignano airport will make a nice investment but more likely it will make for a very exclusive get-a-way destination for Roman Abramovich and his friends.

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Super Bowl XLIV and Pro Bowl 2010 vs Imagine LIfestyles Luxury Rentals

The 2010 Pro Bowl and then, Super Bowl XLIV are coming to Miami! Will Smith sang it best, "Party in the city where the heat is on. All night, on the beach 'till the break of dawn. Welcome to Miami, bienvenido a Miami!" The NFL has awarded the 2010 Super Bowl to Miami, Florida. It will be the record breaking tenth time Miami is hosting the mega-melee. Making Miami the only place to be next January/February. Don't like Super Bowl?  Then we don't know where you came from but, regardless, Miami is still the place to be in January and February. The important people retreat to Miami in prime season, Super Bowl or not. 

Hundreds of thousands of people will be invading South Florida so get your game face on.  Book a place on South Beach now because the beach is booking fast.Try the Setai Hotel & Residencies or the brand new, not-even-opened-yet W Hotel & Residencies. Both hotels are on the sand in the center of South Beach and come equipped with pools, spas, gyms, etc. Or opt to stay a few minutes off the beach in a luxury building like the Icon, resort amenities sans the hotel part.  

Next, rent an exotic car or luxury car service because the street game is about as fierce as Super Bowl.  If a car isn't branded Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini or an equivalent, then you're not playing with the big boys. Go home, this is Miami and a prime valet spot is the goal. Take advantage of the Miami heat and rent a convertible; acceptable convertibles in Miami would be: an Aston Martin DB9 convertible, Ferrari F430 Spyder, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Porsche 997 convertible, Rolls-Royce 100 EX convertible or a Bentley GTC convertible. Get the picture? All you do is name the exotic dream car, make a call to Imagine Lifestyles and voile, score big next Super Bowl!

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Customs Officials Get Billionaire & Yacht in Miami

Cab driver-turned-billionaire Tamir Sapir and his yacht were both seized by customs officials last week, in Miami. Tapir Sapir's $26 million yacht, the Mystère, was reportedly furnished in Versace and then some. According to the Miami Herald, the yacht also included "zebra skins, a jaguar skin rug, Bengal tiger and African lion heads, cigar boxes covered in elephant hide, a reticulated python cigarette holder, and large carved ivory tusks." Thanks to the Endangered Species Act of 1973, it is illegal to "kill, hunt, collect, injure or harass any endangered animals, or to destruct their habitat in any way. It is also illegal to buy or sell any species (or products made from species) listed as endangered."

The yacht will, of course, be returned to the billionaire sans the endangered animal heads and skins. Additionally, Sapir will have to pay a $150,000 fine, which is pretty irrelevant considering he is ranked number 522 on Forbes' Richest Americans list, net worth $1.4 billion.  After amassing a fortune bartering fertilizer and oil in the 1980s, his hobby is collecting dead lion heads, mind-blowing. Whatever happened to collecting Ferraris?

The Real Jet Set Do What Marc Jacobs Says

For the real and really luxurious jetsetters of the world, take Marc Jacobs advice. The American fashion designer and icon knows what luxury travel actually means. Mr. Marc Jacobs says, “I don't think there's anything practical about traveling with a trunk. Luxury travel is traveling with a toothbrush. That's it, end of story. The people who really live luxurious lives don't need to pack. They've got stuff wherever they go."

Imagine Lifestyles is a luxury rental company and we do concur! Our company keeps luxurious jetsetters status quo and on the go. Meaning, our clients don’t even need a toothbrush because that is the least of it. We provide our clients with the jets to jet set; five-star properties with five-star amenities to live; and, exotic rental cars to race or just drive. We have exquisite yachts to rent and knowledgeable employees to get you into the best restaurants and nightclubs. You Imagine and we make the luxurious lifestyle reality.

Luxury lifestyle imposters are the ones travelling with the bulky Louis Vuitton trunks on commercial flights. When a real jetsetter reaches their destination they buy a seasonal wardrobe or we can even have someone do that for you. Marc Jacobs has it all right and the real jet set are on his brain wavelength.


Luxurious Summer Swimwear for $3000 plus. Remember Less is More.

The heat is coming and the girls are shopping for summer. From the Hamptons to St. Tropez, looking good is a must! Finding that perfect summer sandal, bag or bikini is a must! If you are looking to shine brighter than the glitterati this summer, head to Selfridges, London. Selfridges is launching a jewel-toned bikini for summer. Swarovski is obviously behind the 5,000 piece crystal-studded hand-embroidered bikini. The Swarovski bikini is drenched in rubies, sapphire, emeralds and gold and runs about $150 per square centimeter. Making the total cost for this shiny bikini $3,000. The one-piece cut-out bikini looks like something Paris Hilton might wear for attention. The glamour-suit is being launched thanks to a 33% hike in swimwear sales. All we know is that the Swarovski bikini will literally be the shining piece of any summer wardrobe.

Roman Jones Rules & Louis Reigns on South Beach Club Scene

South Beach clubs seem to end up going one of two ways: grunge, raw and rock’n’roll, or luxuriant and in a five-star hotel. Opium Group vies for the latter. While Prive and Mansion seem to have largely missed that mark, the more recent SET nightclub gets closer. Then the Opium Group hit success with latest spot, Louis, in the Gansevoort South Hotel.

Roman Jones is a managing partner at Opium Group and the mastermind behind Louis, an all-V.I.P 18th Century-esque nightclub.  Which features a historic horse carriage, magenta carpeted entrance and gilded doors; guarded by midgets in white wigs and soldier uniforms. Louis is Versailles fused with burlesque but in the future.  The 5,000 square foot space holds vintage crystal, leopard prints, baroque sofas, and French antiques.

Getting through the first set of velvet ropes is a feat in itself, so good luck. Roman Jones is usually at his table in front, entertaining very important people. You can't miss him because his statue rests ib tge bar, his face forever immortalized in porcelein. We suppose the life-sized statue marks his territory, his table, his club and his proverbial being in South Beach.  Roman Jones makes no apologies for his big white face statue or his strict door code. The code is simple, it comes down to big money, being hot and who you know. A Royal decree for high society aristocracy and celebutantes.

The front of Louis is lounge-y.  Leggy, Marie Antoinette look-alikes in barely there uniforms bottle serve for the 30 private tables. A faux-library, pink graffiti and more mirrors shape the back room which houses the DJ booth. High energy music reverberates through a Funktion 1-designed sound system. Premier DJ's like Samantha Ronson, Aoki and AM have already spun the night away. Viva la dance! Louis is a world of make-believe of misbehaving.  If you can't get in there's a reason but give us a call, Imagine LIfestyles is happy to help.